Daniel Neuhaus

Toronto, ON

Daniel Neuhaus is a Toronto-based fine art photographer who graduated from the University of Toronto’s Cinema Studies program in 2010. Daniel’s work is therefore informed by a classical photojournalistic style, that often features as a close-up, personal perspective of the subjects he is documenting. Daniel is the Director of Photography at Toronto Life Magazine and his work has shown in several exhibitions in Toronto and beyond. He has also been known to dress up in doll costume (that looks more like an elf suit) and play dead in front of a packed live audience.  


Over the course of 4 years, Toronto-based photographer Daniel Neuhaus gained rare access to The National Ballet of Canada’s dancers as they rehearsed backstage. The resulting photographs are an intimate, and unique window into the company; the images are raw, up close and unpolished. Daniel’s ability to develop a relationship of mutual trust around a traditionally very guarded industry, allow these photographs to have a sincere informality that we don’t often see in official ballet portraits.  In his photograph “Corps Swan”, Daniel tied the camera to his body and shot from the ceiling – a shoot that took weeks of negotiating, and that never would have happened with someone the company didn’t know. He was surprised at how different the performance looked from above, it was very chaotic and unbalanced – as the performance is designed to always look absolutely perfect from the audience’s perspective. The photograph “Nutcracker Snowflakes” was taken during the dress rehearsal for the 2015 production of the Nutcracker at the National Ballet of Canada. Daniel focused on the chaos backstage by cramming as many dancers into the frame as he could, and tried to get as close as possible without disrupting the dancers and the performance.  His relationship with the ballet was instrumental in the creation of this image because they wouldn’t usually allow a photographer to squeeze in between all the corps like this during a live performance when they were about to dash onstage.

Things That Make The Heart Beat Faster

Photography, and the elements of endurance, sport and human achievement have become an obsession for Toronto-based artist Daniel Neuhaus. Similar to his series photographing dancers from the National Ballet of Canada, Daniel gained behind-the-scenes access to race car drivers at competitions across Ontario. Shot on location during actual races using vintage film cameras, Daniel was interested in the conflation between the retro industrial design of legendary automobiles and this high octane sport.  Shooting from novel perspectives and daring proximity to these super powered machines - thanks to his all-access "at your own risk" permission to cover the races - the images conjure the sounds, smells and adrenaline of the track and nostalgia of the 70s street machines aesthetic.


Annual Open House, EYE BUY ART Gallery, Toronto, ON. 
Autumn Edition, Affordable Art Fair, EYE BUY ART booth, New York, NY.

"Things that Make the Heart Beat Faster” (Solo), Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON.

“Drive and See” (Solo), Black Cat Artspace, Toronto, ON.

Group Show, Milk Glass Co., Toronto, ON. 
Toronto Life Stylebook launch and Charity auction group show, Toronto, ON. 
“Public as Private”, Boreal Collective, Toronto, ON.

“Synthesis in Colour” (Solo), Pikto Gallery, Toronto, ON.
“The Darkness”, Milk Glass Co., Nuit Blanche group show, Toronto, ON.
Milk Glass Co., Grand Opening group show, Toronto, ON.
“The Present: Let’s Worry about Tomorrow Tomorrow”, Oz Studios, New York, NY.


Cinema Studies and a Minor in Sociology, University of Toronto, St. George campus.

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