Ellen Jantzen

Santa Fe, NM

Ellen Jantzen was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, where she later obtained a degree in graphic arts. Upon graduation Ellen settled down on acreage in Southern Illinois where organic gardens and goat husbandry took center stage. A desire to pursue her artistic spirit however, for led Ellen and her husband to move to Los Angeles. Ellen has had extensive training in computer design and digital technology, which she applies to her work, thus combining her profound respect for the natural world with her prowess in using contemporary, digital tools. As digital technology advanced and newer cameras were produced superior resolution, Ellen found her perfect medium. It was a true confluence of technical advancements and creative desire that culminated in her current explorations in photography; using both a camera to capture staged assemblages and a computer to alter and manipulate the pieces.

Unity of Time and Place

This series is a continuation of a body of work I was doing when my father suddenly died. I feel that my life has fundamentally changed; but sometimes seems the same. Where did my father go? What does a life mean after it leaves the body? Does the life-force rise and connect the terrestrial with the celestial, or does it evaporate into thin air? These are questions I contemplate as I create my work. Some say, all time exists at once; the indefinite, continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future are regarded as a whole. I am vastly interested in these states of reality. This cohesion is mesmerizing to me, and after spending the last several years immersed in the past, I am embracing the future. As I set out, the past is with me, transformed. All the losses are still there but there is a brightness forming that allows me to see the entirety, the unity of time and place.

(abbreviated; see Ellen Jantzen's website for full list)


Finalist (Alternative Process Category), 9th Annual Pollux Awards, juror Julio Hirsch-Hardy managing director of The Gala Awards.

Honorable Mention (Photomanipulation). ND Awards (Neutral Density Photography Awards).
Bronze Award Winner (Fine Art, Special Effects Category) 1st Tokyo International Foto Awards.
First Place Winner (Fine Art, Special Effects Category) Moscow International Foto Awards.
Honorable Mention (Fine Art Category), International Color Awards, 9th Annual.
Longlisted, Aesthetica Art Prize (exhibited 04/14 - 05/29).

Winner. 8th Julia Margaret Cameron Award honoring women in photography. Only 15 women were chosen world-wide by juror Laura Noble, UK.
Winner, Alternative Process Category in the 8th Julia Margaret Cameron Award
Honorable Mention Winner, 10th Annual Black & White Spider Awards in Abstract Category.
Honorable Mention (Fine Art Category), London International Creative Contest
Silver, Art Forward Contest, #3
2nd Place, Merit of Excellence Award, International Color Awards, 8th Annual.

Grant, 2014 Individual Artists Award, from the Santo Foundation, St. Louis Missouri.
Honorable Mention, (Special Effects), Moscow International Foto Awards.
First Prize, PX3, Prix de la Photographie, Paris.
Gold Medal, San Francisco International Photography Exhibition, curated by Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography.
Honorable Mention, Natural World exhibition, Center for Fine Art Photography.
Honorable Mention, The Life/Framer Beauty in Life exhibition.

Nominee, 5th edition, Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers (Fine Arts Category).
Honorable Mention, Texas Photographic Society's 26th Annual "Members' Only" show.
Winner, PX3,  Prix de la Photographie Paris, Awarded: First Prize in category Fine Art (selected from among thousands of entries from over 85 countries).

First Place, FotoWeekDC International Awards Competition.
Shortlisted, London International Creative Competition, LICC.
Bronze, International Loupe Awards (Illustrative category).
Honorable Mention, PWP’s 37th Anniversary International Women’s Call for Entry.
Adoration of Excellence, Adore Noir magazine.
Honorable Mention, PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Paris.
Griffin Award, Griffin Museum of Photography.
WIPI'S (Women in Photography International) 2012 Annual Juried Competition Top Ten Award (juror Susan Spiritus).
Bronze, Epson's International Pano Awards (Nature category).

(List of Earlier Awards provided upon request)

Selected Exhibitions

Berlin Foto Biennale, Plazazzo Italia, Berlin, October: European Month of Photography.
Invitational Moscow, Na Kashirke Art Gallery, Moscow.

"Depth of Field", curated by RfotoFolio at Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, Arizona.
"Point and Shoot", solo exhibition, Qlick Editions, Amsterdam.

"Art: 314", Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis Missouri.
"Ellen Jantzen", solo exhibition, Fontbonne University Fine Arts Gallery, St. Louis Missouri.
"Portrait / Process", International Photography Hall of Fame and Musuem, St. Louis Missouri.
"Overview", Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis Missouri.
"Project Room", Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis Missouri.
PHOTO LA, featured in the Susan Spiritus Gallery booth.

"Transcending Reality", Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis Missouri.
"Alive: Moving Nature", Laguna College of Art + Design, Laguna Beach California.
"Fear and Loathing", curated by Kate Ware, Curator of Photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art.

The Light Factory 31st Annual Art Exhibition, fundraiser, Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography.
Group Show, Qlick Editions, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
"Losing Reality; Reality of Loss", solo exhibition, C-Train Gallery, Washington University's School of Medicine, St. Louis MO.



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