Georgie Friedman

Boston, MA

Georgie Friedman currently resides in Boston, MA and has lived, worked and exhibited throughout the U.S. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in 2008 from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University’s joint degree program, and her Bachelors of Art in 1996 from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her current projects include several photographic series and experiential video installations that highlight our physical relationship to interior/exterior elements and uncontrollable natural forces.

She has exhibited her work in galleries, public art events, universities and museums, including: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA; DeCordova Museum & Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA; Carroll & Sons in conjunction with Anthony Greaney, Boston, MA; Canal View, New York, NY; The Illuminated Corridor, Oakland, CA; The Newport Mill, Newport, NH; Boston CyberArts Festival; among others. She teaches a variety of Photography and Video Art classes at several institutions, including Boston College, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Massachusetts College of Art.

In April 2008, The Boston Globe named her as a “Rising Star” and in February 2010, The Boston Phoenix called her, "one of the most exciting new media artists in the region.”

Flight Series is a process and time-based photographic series. Photographs from high-altitude balloon flights shift from the concrete to the abstract, through darkness and light, distance and motion. The lack of human control and the limits of photography become evident.

For this project, I have been collaborating with two hobbyist-engineers, Justin Hamel and Chris Thompson (Portland, OR), to send digital cameras, via high-altitude balloons, into the Stratosphere. From the thousands of still images generated per flight, I isolate interesting or unique aspects of each flight into photographic grids. The grid format is to ensure that less importance is placed on individual images, and more on their compiled representations of time, the process of uncontrolled flight/falling and other unpredictable occurrences. For example: some groupings are primarily color and light abstractions, denying any tangible information to the viewer; other grids detail the subtle shifts of the slow ascent, or the chaotic randomness during the fall back to Earth. Along with the enticing visual and time-based quality of this series, I am also deeply interested in how the process of flight is inherently connected to our cultural and psychological relationships with natural forces that are beyond our control.


M.F.A., School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston & Tufts University Video, Film, Photography

B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz, Fine Art: Photography

UCLA Summer Session Program: Rome, Italy "Art, Art History and Architecture of Rome"

Solo Exhibitions

Above The Clouds, Anthony Greaney and Carroll and Sons, concurrent exhibit, Boston, MA.

Geyser, 2009 Boston CyberArts Festival, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA.

Seas and Skies, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Aidekman Arts Center, Tufts University, Medford, MA.

Five Videos, Artists Foundation, Boston, MA.

Coin in the Campo, Bridge Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA.

Selected Group Exhibitions, Festivals, Screenings

Ripple Effect, June 2011–May 2012, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.
At Work: Boston College Faculty Artists, Lorand Gallery, Boston, MA.

The 2010 DeCordova Biennial Exhibition, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA.
Proof of Purchase, fundraiser, Samsøn, Boston, MA.

The New Landscape, Canal View, New York, NY.
H20: Film on Water, The Newport Mill, Newport, NH.
The Illuminated Corridor: Subtidal Goals, Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, Oakland, CA.
Traces - Behind the Scenes, Screening during Brian Knep: Traces, Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston, MA.

Nascent, New England School of Art & Design Suffolk University, Boston, MA.
Islands of Isolation, Courtyard Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
Five Places Imagined and Real, Screening, Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
Artists Speak Out! fundraiser, Miller Block Gallery, Boston, MA.
Cloud Windows, site-specific installation, Medici Group Film & Video Night, Weems Atrium, Boston, MA.

Word of Mouth, Gallery Diet, Bridge Art Fair, Miami, FL.
2007 Boston CyberArts Festival: CyberWindow, Boston, MA.
Boston Young Contemporaries, 808 Gallery, Boston, MA.
The Superheroes Project, Screening, Mills Gallery, Boston, MA.
The 2007 DeCordova Annual Exhibition, Screening, ­­Process Gallery, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA.
MASH UP! Doran Gallery, Boston, MA.
Master of Fine Arts Annual Juried Exhibition, SMFA, Boston, MA.

Wanderlust, William Morris Hunt Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
Boise State University QueerID Film Series and Conference, Screenings, Boise, ID.
Pretty MFA, Donnelly First Floor Gallery, SMFA, Boston, MA.
Proof of Purchase, fundraiser, Rhys Gallery, Boston, MA.
Master of Fine Arts Annual Juried Exhibition, SMFA, Boston, MA.

Insider Art, Christie's, New York, NY.

Visual AIDS: Postcards From the Edge, fundraiser, Galerie Lelong, New York, NY.
Christie’s Summer Exhibition, Christie's, New York, NY.

Mixed Messages: An exhibit of 11 New Orleans Photographers, New Orleans, LA.
Conjunct [of Seven Artists], An Annex for the Arts, New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans Book Arts Exhibition, Zeitgeist Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

Photography Guild Exhibit, Bridge Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA.
New Bay-Area Women Artists, Epicenter Zone, San Francisco, CA.

Awards and Grants

Artists' Resource Trust Grant, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, MA

New England Critic’s Art Award, “Standout performance by a Boston artist in a group show”
Nominated for two 2008 Boston Art Awards: "Best New Media Exhibit" & "Standout performance in a group show"

San Jose, California's Public Art Program: "Artist Pool for Art + Technology."
Cincotti Prize in Video, for outstanding work in Video Art
Montague International Travel Grant: Iceland
Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Video
Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Video
Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Photography

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Courtyard Gallery Curatorial Opportunity
Barlet Travel Grant: Fairbanks, Alaska
Graduate Student Research Grant, Tufts University: Aurora Borealis
Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Video
Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Photography

Museum of Fine Arts Graduate Scholarship Grant


Presenter: Contemporary Art Symposium, "Who's Afraid of New Media?” Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. Other presenters: George Fifield, Wendy Richmond, Michael & Ann Spalter and Mark Tribe

Visual Artist Panel: “21st Century Visual Arts for Business Leaders,” MIT Sloan MBA Program Seminar. School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Visiting Artist Talks & Lectures

DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, (public), Lincoln, MA.
Massachussets College of Art, Video and Film Department, Boston, MA. 
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Pre-College Program, Boston, MA.

Boston CyberArts Festival, Boston College, (public), Chestnut Hill, MA.
DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, DeCordova Visitor Services, Lincoln, MA.
The Newport Mill, (public), Newport, NH.
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Post-Baccalaureate Program, Boston, MA.
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Pre-College Program, Boston, MA.

Tufts University, Aidekman Arts Center, (public), Medford, MA.

Courtyard Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, (public), Boston, MA.

Juried Exhibitions

I was just looking for a pot of gold…, Weems Atrium, Boston, MA

Hijacking the Future: Hugs and Kisses
, Donnelly Gallery, Boston, MA

Exhibitions Curated

Islands of Isolation, Courtyard Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Faculty and Visting Lecturer

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Color Photography and the Digital Darkroom, Digital Photography, Video Art III, Video Art Directed Study, Video Art I, Narrative Video, Fundamentals of Video, Installation Art
Boston College, Fine Arts Department: Introduction to Video Art
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA: Visual Language II (time-based media)


* indicates image(s) or web-based multi-media

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