Jeremy Gesualdo (Headshot)

Jeremy Gesualdo

Toronto, ON

Jeremy Gesualdo is a photo-based artist currently living and working Toronto.  As a recent graduate of Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, he’s explored the concepts and motifs of vernacular photography, crafting images that evoke nostalgia and a sense of the familiar.  Creating such works furthers his interests and discoveries in the ideas of the mundane aspects of everyday life, allowing him to represent it in a way which glorifies what we at times take for granted.

The pieces from the series Lines, Squares, Circles explore the ways in which we view and respond to vernacular photography.  I am essentially taking the common photo tradition and throwing it into abstraction, creating these optical dynamic forms through the tools and fundamentals of early constructivism.  The structure and design of the pieces were inspired by the early 1920’s constructivist paintings by El Lissitzky.  The series questions the way in which we respond to the constructed formalist pieces, and whether it changes the way we see the precious objects of sentiment.  Or do the appropriated images give the formal piece a profound new meaning?

The work has also become a statement on the evolution and treatment of these photographs in our society today, and how they now exist as a product of profit and mass consumerism.  The original vintage source images were sold to me through an online vendor, and  it seems as though being for sale is the only place they fit in a modern context.  Although I have no idea who, or where, these images originated from, I am giving them a  new home in an attempt to honour them as objects that we at times take for granted.


BFA, Photography, Ryerson University School of Image Arts, Toronto ON.

Selected Exhibitions

Maximum Exposure, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto ON.
Function Magazine Exhibition, Steam Whistle Brewery, Toronto ON.

Summer 2010, IX Gallery, Toronto ON.
Maximum Exposure, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto ON.
Function Magazine Exhibition, Red Bull Gallery, Toronto ON.
The Human Subject, I.M.A Gallery, Toronto ON.


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Echo Review 0919, Faculty of Communication and Design Annual Report, Ryerson University, November 2010, Toronto ON.

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