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Jo Gane

Bedworth, UK

I was born in Coventry, UK and have lived in the midlands for most of my life - and started making pictures as a child in the fields surrounding my parents house. I completed my BA at the Birmingham Institute of Art in 2002 and I am currently studying for a Masters at LCC, London. I have returned to teach at all the institutions I have studied at and continue to teach photography alongside my own art practice.

My work has been selected for various awards including Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward competition in 2008 and 2009, the Shots/ Corbis student photographer of the Year and the Rhubarb-Rhubarb Bursary which I both won in 2006. My work is included in various public, private and corporate art collections including the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Kensal Green Cemetery, Pizza Express and Turley Associates.

I have exhibited throughout the UK and in Paris in both solo and group exhibitions and I am currently participating in the exhibition "Reports From an Ordinary Satellite" taking place during the 2010 Rhubarb-Rhubard International Photographic Review in Birmingham (

Alternative Suns

The photographs in this series were shot during many long nights in the familiar landscape surrounding my childhood home. A landscape which once contained dens made in hedgerows, nature to discover, a thousand places to explore with the innocent wonder of childhood. These areas are etched into my memory, yet made strange by the darkness of night - a strangeness that resonates with change as I become increasingly distant from this rural landscape.

Artificial lights punctuate the darkness of the landscape, imitating the natural glow of the sun during daytime, creating the atmosphere of a never-ending day. This light pollution affects the natural order of things, causing birds to sing and flowers to bloom in the middle of the night. Animals remain awake. The lights produce a gravitational effect on insects, drawing them in towards the glow.

This gravitational pull created by light, also seems to influence people as they surround their homes with security lights and live in an artificially 'safe’ atmosphere. The light creates a barrier, both actual and metaphorical, separating people from the natural environment of the countryside. This light pollution prevents people from viewing the stars, which were once used both as a method of navigation and planning the future.

Navigation and is now done through the bright screens of satellite navigation systems, and by following lit-up road signs along safely illuminated, glowing roads. We have moved away from our relationship with the natural environment. Our navigation and future planning - once determined by the earth's rotation and the stars - is obscured by light pollution of our own creation.

Awards, Bursaries and Grants

Magenta Foundation for the Arts, Flash Forward: Emerging Photographers competition (honourable mention).
Myartspace / New York Art Exchange graduate scholarships - shortlisted

Magenta Foundation for the Arts, Flash Forward: Emerging Photographers competition (honourable mention).
Arts Council England Grant for the Arts for the exhibition ‘Secret Gardens’

Fuji Film Student Awards Merit Winner George Jackson Travel Bursary

Shots/Corbis Student Photographer of the Year
Rhubarb-Rhubarb Bursary Winner

Select Exhibitions

For Frederick Scott Archer, Dissenter’s Gallery, Kensal Green Cemetary, London (group).
Astley Castle’ curated by Landmark Trust, Bedworth Arts Centre (group).
Reports from an Ordinary Satellite, Rhubard Photography Festival, Birmingham UK, and Galerie der Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Germany.
Well Gallery, LCC, London (group).
Was Bleibt’ Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld (group).

Secret Gardens, The Vaults, Newhall Hill, Birmingham.
Finds, Birmingham Museum of Science and Industry, Newhall St, Birmingham.
Birmingham Seen, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Victoria Square, Birmingham (group).
A Distance Between, Peddledash Gallery, London (group).
United States, Galerie Wanted, Paris, France (group).
Foto 8 Awards, Crane Kalman Brighton, Kensington Gardens, Brighton (group).
Foto 8 Summer Show, Host gallery, Honduras St. London (group).
Alternative Suns, Three White Walls, The Mailbox, Birmingham (2 person).

United States, Galerie Wanted, Paris, France (group).
Foto 8 Summer Show, Host gallery, Honduras St. London (group).
Secret Gardens, Three White Walls Gallery, Rhubarb photography festival, Birmingham.
Alternative Suns’ Lighthouse, Wolverhampton.

Alternative Suns, The Artlounge, The Mailbox, Birmingham (group).
Alternative Suns, Rhubarb Festival of Photography, Curzon St. Station, Birmingham (group).
United States, Browns Independent Bar, Coventry.
United States, George Jackson Travel Bursary, Vittoria St. Birmingham (group).

The Night Train, Shots/Corbis Photography Awards, Shoreditch, London (group).
Ready Steady Go - Scooter Style and Urban Dreams, The Chelsea Space, Chelsea College of Art, London (group).


Kensal Green Cemetery
Pizza Express
Various Private Collections
Browns Bar
Turley Associates
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery


2009 - present: MA photography at LCC, London
2005 - 2007: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), BA 1st Class Hons Visual Communication (Photography)
2005: Chulalongkorn University, International Exchange, Bangkok, Thailand
2003 -2005: Higher National Diploma (HND), photography, Solihull College

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