Kristin Sjaarda

Toronto, ON
London, ON

Kristin Sjaarda has been a photographer for 25 years in the fine arts and commercial and editorial fields, lately specializing in interior photography. Turning to her Dutch roots, she has created a series of dark, still life images inspired by the 17th-century paintings of the Dutch masters and the variable light of her studio window. As an avid gardener, the flowers growing right outside that very window are often featured in the images. Kristin Sjaarda lives in Toronto, Canada with her photographer husband and their three boys.

The Kitchen Window (de keuken finster)

Kristin Sjaarda's photos are always shot in the context of home and life, namely her kitchen and garden. Her subjects are often the flowers she tends in her city garden: the dahlias, roses, zinnias, magnolia, tulips and spurge she watches bloom from her kitchen window. Kristin often uses in the photos items from generations of Dutch women in her family that have been passed down to her from her mother. She only uses the window light in her kitchen, where the breakfast dishes may be piled in the sink, and a morning of domestic chores awaits her.  Perhaps in this way, art and life are seamless and integrated.


Associate of Applied Science Degree in Photography, Colorado Institute of Art, Denver Colorado.


Applied Arts Magazine Awards Annual

Silver Award, The Advertising and Design Club of Canada

First Place, Kodak Professional Imaging Regional Black and White Contest
Certificate of Excellence in Editorial Photography, The Colorado Institute of Art

International Scholarship award, The Colorado Institute of Art


"Cinematic Situation", Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON.
The Noorderlicht Photofestival, Groningen, the Netherlands.
"The Little Black Dress Exhibition", Tatar Alexander Gallery, Toronto, ON.
The bedroom Gallery, Group Show with Catherine Dean and Eldon Garnet, Toronto, ON. 

The Canadian Landscape" Group Show, CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto, ON.


"Spoorzoeken In Sjaardaland"  ("Following tracks in Sjaardaland") by Ron Kaal, HP De Tijd (Dutch National Magazine), August 2001.
"A Sense of Space", The Noorderlicht Catalogue, Published by Stichting Aurora Borealis

Applied Arts Awards Annual, Vol. 16 No. 1


Toronto Life Magazine
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National Post Business
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