Robyn McCallum

Toronto, ON

Robyn McCallum is a Toronto based artist and curator. Born and raised in Ottawa, Robyn moved to Toronto to study photography at Ryerson University's School of Image Arts, from which she now holds a BFA. She currently works at Bau-Xi Photo, a new photography Gallery in Toronto. Robyn's work centers around issues of gender and representation, and often uses humour as a means for social critique. Her recent work has been published in Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward 2009, and has exhibited internationally at Sid Lee Collective’s Starving Artists in Amsterdam.


Appropriation in relation to art is defined as the practice of reworking the images or styles of earlier works to provoke critical re-evaluation and to present them in new contexts. The reinterpretation of well-known works has long been a tradition in fine art, rooted in the renaissance artists’ varying versions of such iconic images as the Last Supper or Madonna and Child. Operating within a more modern context, the images in this series similarly represent the appropriation and re-contextualiztion of classical western paintings.

There is one distinct category of European painting in which women are the principal, recurring subject: the nude. In Susannah and the Elders by Tintoretto for example, the viewer joins the elders in spying on Susannah in her bath, however Susannah herself is looking in a mirror.  The mirror is used to represent the supposed vanity of women to hypocritically nullify that her nakedness was painted for the pleasure of others. The artist paints the naked woman because the viewer enjoys looking at a naked woman; however by placing a mirror in her hands the artist morally condemns the woman as vain. Such is the concept of the male gaze in art.

The series Patrimony is a modern re-presentation of women from art history, using “Pin-ups” and pop-culture images of the 20th Century to deconstruct the way in which women are traditionally represented in art.


2008 BFA in Photography, Ryerson University, School of Image Arts, Toronto, ON


2008 Bank of Montreal BMO Art! First competition (nominated)
2007 winner, Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward Photography Competition


Solo Show, Patrimony, Pikto Gallery, Toronto, ON.
Group Show, Starving Artists, Sidlee Collective Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Group Show, Relentless Mundanity, Ryerson University Gallery, Toronto, ON.
Group Show, Maximum Exposure Fourteen, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON.

Group Show, Flash Forward 2007, Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, ON.


Picture This, enRoute Magazine online, October-November 2009.
Wassenar Online Magazine,, Toronto, ON.
Flash Forward 2007 and Flash Forward 2009, Magenta Foundation, Toronto, ON.

Collections and Clients

The Canadian Brass
The Toronto Symphony Orchestra

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