Sean Galbraith

Toronto, ON

I am a self-trained photographer and urban planner in Toronto, Canada. With a background in urban design, I look for patterns, lines, and forms that give structure to urban environments. My career revolves around the built environment; contributing to the ever expanding development of cities. By day, my life as an urban planner revolves around the creation of those spaces I may ultimately revisit, long after they've outlasted their intended purpose.

I have exhibited in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario Rental + Sales Gallery, galleryDK, Pearson International Airport, Hangman Gallery and the Department of Canadian Heritage, among others. In the fall of 2008 I switched to medium and large format film, and in addition to greatly loving the feel and deliberative process of shooting film, the resulting negatives allow for high resolution scans that greatly exceed the capacity of current digital technologies.

I am a founding member of the DK Photo Group, and a co-owner of galleryDK.  I am also part of a large community of fellow architectural explorers, many of whom I consider friends and colleagues. I value their artistic and other contributions, and could not do what I do as effectively if it were not for their efforts. In 2010 I was selected as a winner of the Magenta Foundationʼs Flash Forward international competition for Emerging Photographers.

My career as an urban planner revolves around the built environment, contributing to the ever expanding
development of cities. This interest and love of the urban environment, in time, led me to visit societyʼs architectural relics long after they've outlasted their intended purpose. Urban decay and demolition by neglect is present in all urban settings. All buildings have a story, a history, a life, and a death. Industrial factories rust. Office buildings slowly crumble. Residential buildings are reclaimed by the elements. It is a rarity that these buildingsʼ evolutions are witnessed by those outside their walls.

I seek to go where many have gone in the past, but few go today to explore, embrace, and bring sight to these spaces and environments from which others avert their gaze. This urban exploration pursuit has brought me throughout the industrial northeast in North America, to castles and sanatoriums in Western Europe, and to an abandoned prison at Guantanamo Bay. To document that which was once kinetic, but now lies dormant and decaying; even with man-made objects, death is a part of life and has its own beauty.

Selected Exhibitions

Department of Canadian Heritage (solo).
Alton Mill Gallery.

Toronto Image Works Gallery, Toronto (solo). 
Relinquished, CONTACT Festival, galleryDK, Toronto.
Urban Ruins, CONTACT Festival, Pearson International Airport, Toronto.
A World Abandoned, CONTACT Festival, Art Gallery of Ontario Rental + Sales Gallery, Toronto.

Architecture, Art Gallery of Ontario Rental + Sales Gallery, Toronto.
Transfigurement, CONTACT Festival, galleryDK, Toronto.
In the Art, Arta Gallery, Toronto.

Green House, Art Gallery of Ontario Rental + Sales Gallery, Toronto.
Anamnesis, CONTACT Festival, galleryDK, Toronto.
Trespassing on Yesterday (with the Shadow Collective), CONTACT Festival, The Charlotte Room, Toronto.

DKonstruction, CONTACT Festival, art101 Gallery, Toronto.

Orphaned, Hangman Gallery, Toronto.
Forgotten: The Art of Decay, CONTACT Festival, Roundhouse Gallery, Toronto.

Juried Exhibitions and Shows

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Riverdale Art Walk, 2007.
Parkdale Art Festival (Featured Artist), Toronto, 2006.
Toronto ArtsWeek, 2005.


Winner: Flash Forward International Compeition for Emerging Photographers, Magenta Foundation, 2010.
Best in Class, Photography, Muse 08 Carnivale (fundraiser), 2008.

Press and Publications

"American Hotel and Happy Meal: NOW's Daily Slide Show of Must-See Art", NOW Magazine, Sept. 13, 2010

PhotoXplorers, Self-Publshed Photo Book.
PhotoXplorers (television series featuring the DK Photo Group).
Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay, Self-Published Photo Book.

"The Urban Romanticism of Sean Galbraith", Brownfield News Magazine, January 2008
3164 Valmarie Avenue, Self-Published Photo Book.

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"Behind the Camera" (television program profiling photographers).
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Exploration: 2005 - 2007, Self-Published Photo Book.
industry, Self-Published Photo Book.

"A Slice of the Real Queen", Exhibition Profile, Toronto Star, August 26, 2006.

"CNE Water Fountain", Spacing Magazine, August 30, 2005.
Contributing Photographer, U&I Magazine (Inaugural Issue), Fall 2005.


"Into Abandon", Toronto Camera Club, Mississauga Camera Club, Oakville Camera Club, Beaches Camera Club, 2010.
Urban Exploration, Toronto Camera Club Lecture Series 2007
Urban Exploration, Beaches Camera Club Lecture Series 2007

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