William Eckersley

London, UK

After studying at LCC and St.Martin’s (both part of London’s University of the Arts), William Eckersley founded Stucco Press in 2006 with fellow photographer Alexander Shields, to print Left London, a 176-page book on London's abandoned and derelict sites. Garnering a positive critical reception – Sarah Kent stated in Time Out “never before has vanity publishing led to such a splendid publication” – it encouraged their working partnership and they finished another project, U.S.80: Exotic Country, in 2010.  Their latest publication is Dark City (2011), a four-year collection of Eckersley’s images depicting a de-peopled urban environment at night. Creative Review suggested “there is in fact a whole other world to look at” in the book, while Monocle felt it “shows the empty humanity of England’s vast metropolis at its most vivid and alluring”.

William is based in London. His work has featured in various magazines and websites, including Time Out, Grafik, The Big Issue, British Journal of Photography, Hotshoe, telegraph.co.uk, spectator.co.uk, colorsmagazine.com, socialdocumentary.net, theatlantic.com, Sunday Times Magazine, burnmagazine.org, Aesthetica, guardian.co.uk, positive-magazine.com, nowness.com, Creative Review, wonderlandmagazine.com, f22, Monocle and viewfinder.org. His work is held by public and private collectors including Nike and Sir Elton John.

Dark City

These photographs are taken from a recently completed body of work, Dark City, that explores the urban environment at night. I hoped to draw a stark contrast with our normal daylight perceptions of a city that, being London, is usually dull, grey and thronging with people. At night, I imagined it as an empty stage, spotlit from multiple angles with different light sources casting garish hues. In this de-peopled twilight zone, I found the buildings and infrastructure seemed isolated from their purpose of serving humanity's needs, thus exposing their genius or folly, beauty or ugliness. I wanted to reveal one the busiest cities in the world - that was undergoing an Olympic building boom at the time -  that is never more than a few hours from complete stillness. This selection of shots were all taken under ground, in tunnels or under bridges.


Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
London College of Communication, University of the Arts London


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"London Stories" (group), Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK.



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