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Jennifer Steen Booher, The Bar, Bar Harbor, Maine; February 3, 2012 from the series Beachcombing
$100 | $250 | $500 | $1000 | $1500


Jennifer Steen Booher, Harborview Park, Bar Harbor, Maine; December 2, 2011 from the series Beachcombing
$100 | $250 | $500 | $1000 | $1500

It’s with a tip of the hat to the wonderful Danielle at The Jealous Curator (you’re awesome – I’M jealous!) that I be-dazzle your inboxes with these treasure trinkets in fine art form. These images make me think of all good things; beach house, summer, toe in sand, watching the sun set behind a pair of sunglasses. Life is good.

Jennifer Steen Booher lives on an island off the coast of Maine where she spends most of her time beachcombing. Each day she walks on the beach and collects interesting objects she discovers, then arranges this found sea life, and traces of human existence into abstract portraits that are a collision of current and past history, culture, and our impact on the environment. Originally meant to depict the interconnectedness of the tidal zone, these images have become nostalgic keepsakes for many of her collectors.

Bespoke Portraits? Yes please!

Reading Danielle’s blog post about Jennifer made me think that these would make the most brilliant of gifts. Imagine transforming your most precious memorabilia into a custom portrait. The perfect wedding gift? I think so. Maybe a 50th birthday, an anniversary – or think ahead: Christmas 2014!

commission prices are as follows:

20×24″ | ed. of 1 | $1000 USD
30×40″ | ed. of 1 | $1500 USD
40×50″ | ed. of 1 | $2000 USD

Our 2014 Wedding Gift Guide is HERE!

Art is the best way to celebrate a new life together. It symbolizes longevity, uniqueness and is something people will have in their lives forever. When giving the gift of art – whether it’s for the couple to be, for an anniversary gift or an important birthday – you can work with your friends to share in the cost, or consider pooling your resources to buy a gift certificate, and let the couple choose for themselves.

This year, we have a very unique idea to share with you. Custom art for the wedding couple! We’ve negotiated with two of our EYE BUY ART artists to offer wedding gifts like you’ve never seen before; Lori Hepner, can transform your wedding vows, or any custom text into fine art photographic form, and as mentioned above Jennifer can create a bespoke work of art based on your most precious mementos. Check out pages 10-15 of our Wedding Gift Guide (above) to learn more.


Peter Simpson, you’re the bomb! Thanks for the great review of our partner exhibition with Wall Space – and a very special thanks to director Patricia Barr for making it happen. Trish, you do it for the love of art and we’re honoured to work with you. NOTE: the exhibition “Emerging Artists in Public Collections” continues at Wall Space in Ottawa to August 10th.

Happy browsing, and send me an email for inquiries!

Emily Mcinnes
Founder and Director

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