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Carson Lynn “Glare”, 2014 from the series Tangled Fragments
$150 | 14×11″ | UNFRAMED
$275 | 20×16″ | FRAMED


Carson Lynn “Obscure”, 2014 from the series Tangled Fragments
$150 | 14×11″ | UNFRAMED
$275 | 20×16″ | FRAMED

If these photographs make your eyeballs light up and say hello to the pleasure centres of your brain, there’s a good reason for that. These are the artworld equivalent of licking ice cream out of a cone, or visiting Superman’s birthplace on the equinox. These are no ordinary pictures dear reader – these are photons of electromagnetic light energy, as personified by L.A. artist Carson Lynn.

Carson has made the imperceptible perceptible. Initially spawned by his research into quantum mechanics, this series, called Tangled Fragments, serves as an imaginary visualization of a photon of light. These infinitesimal particles that make up everything we see, yet are impossible to perceive. Oh the metaphors that abound just thinking about that.

Carson is an artistic pioneer who works in the digital realm, layering computer generated imagery over photographs taken on his iphone. What I love about this work (aside from it’s ice cream licking kick-assery), is it’s wholehearted embrace of the new. Carson explains his choice of tools, and why he went against the advice of his teachers.

‘I was in my second year at college when I made this series and part of the reason for it’s creation was to serve as an escape from conventional photography.  At that point I was sick of having conversations like “mobile photography is destroying the medium” and “using Photoshop isn’t genuine photography”.  Those sentiments are holding back photography’s potential, and any medium that can’t keep up with modern technology is doomed to fail. To me, the photograph starts as a recording of light. It doesn’t matter if the final outcome is made of pixels, grains or pure data.’


Both of these images are available framed and ready to add to your shopping cart. Delivery charges will be the same as if you were buying it unframed, so take advantage as I launch the new system. Just click on the image above to get started, and here’s an example of how this work will look, sitting pretty on your wall right out of the box!



Hey New York, I’m coming back! I’ll be participating again at the 2016 Fall edition of the Affordable Art Fair in Chelsea, taking place this year from September 28th – October 2nd. I will have a limited number of tickets for free admission to the fair, so keep your eyes on your inbox as I’ll be releasing those in the next few weeks.

Enjoy, and hope you’re having a great summer!

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