EYE BUY ART carved from a peanut

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Wendy Given, A. Hypogaea albus (Peanut Elf), Fig. 2, 2008 from the
series A. Hypogaea albus (Peanut Elf).

Wendy Given, A. Hypogaea albus (Peanut Elf), Fig. 9, 2008 from the
series A. Hypogaea albus (Peanut Elf).

Every once in a while someone really special comes along, like American artist Wendy Given. Wendy is one of those people who puts the “art” in artist. I feel at peace knowing that someone is out there, spending their time coaxing little elf heads out of peanuts by very carefully carving their faces out of the seedpod. With focused lighting, careful placement of shadows, and the use of a macro lens, each peanut assumes a distinctive identity which become readily available for us to see.

Another thing I really admire in an artist is their unwavering commitment – someone who is truly dedicated to their craft. Wendy is one of those people, and has dedicated much of her artistic career observing and documenting the otherworldly and the supernatural – exploring an ongoing fascination with myth and magic. With exhibitions and titles like “How to Explain Magic to a Dead Rabbit”, “Of Augur and Auspice: No 5 (from under the pillow)” and “Turn Your Back to the Forest, Your Front to Me” one feels drawn into the narrative without even having seen the picture.

I think these would make the perfect gift for the kid who has everything, writ large on a dining room wall, or next to the kitchen cupboard! Whatever the reason, if this doesn’t whet your Christmas-Elf whistle, I’ll be making you fruitcake in August.

Wendy is planning a solo exhibition at Nationale in Portland, OR this year, and her work is going to be included in the 10th Northwest Biennial at the Tacoma Art Museum in Tacoma, WA.


Finds Under $350, Canadian House & Home, November 2011 issue.




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Happy November Collecting Dear Santas – and don’t forget about our permanently reduced shipping rates – in the St. Nick of Time!

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