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Kerry Shaw, “Animal City 2″, from the series Animal City.

Kerry Shaw, “Animal City 1″, from the series Animal City.

What’s not to love about these photographs? They make the cow seem majestic, a donkey, positively regal, and the common zoo creature practically sexy. Kerry spent the evenings after working her shift as a waitress, contemplating the vacuous suburban landscape where she was living at the time, and photographing the streets that were void of humanity.

Animals became stand-ins for the displacement Kerry felt, and communicated the awkwardness of living in this type of urban sprawl. “I was fed up with how mundane it all seemed, and romanticized the visual of a giraffe standing beside my car, or an elephant at the telephone booth. Both events would have made this place much more exciting. I was interested in the idea of animals we wouldn’t normally see in the city becoming part of the landscape. Like a squirrel or a raccoon, they just exist as part of our every day. In this case, the night seemed like a perfect time for a zoo animal to roam freely, and ‘take back’ their geographical space.”

Kerry Shaw is commercial and fine art photographer, currently living in Toronto. Her work debuted on CITY TV’s Fashion Television as an emerging participant, and won “Naked in the House 2004″, an annual nude photography competition and Fashion Television documentary testing and showcasing Canada’s best commercial photographers. She had her first publication in the 2006 release of Magenta Foundation’s “Carte Blanche”, a photography book showcasing 200 of Canada’s brightest photographers.

Kerry working on location

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