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Daniel Neuhaus “Nutcracker Snowflakes” from the series Ballet
11×14″ | $275 | FRAMED
16×20″ | $450 | FRAMED
20×24″ | $800 | FRAMED 

Daniel Neuhaus “Corps Swans” from the series Ballet
11×14″ | $275 | FRAMED
16×20″ | $450 | FRAMED
20×24″ | $800 | FRAMED

I have a holiday sparkle in my eye, and the scent of fancy perfume wafting through my memory bank. These photographs remind me of when me of when I was a kid, when my sister and I would zip into our velvet dresses and go to the Nutcracker Ballet with my nana and my mom – the anticipation at this time of year, and the joy of these moments are encapsulated so gracefully for me here.

Over the course of 4 years, Toronto-based photographer Daniel Neuhaus gained rare access to The National Ballet of Canada’s dancers as they rehearsed backstage. The resulting photographs are an intimate, and unique window into the company; the images are raw, up close and unpolished. Daniel’s ability to develop a relationship of mutual trust around a traditionally very guarded industry, allow these photographs to have a sincere informality that we don’t often see in official ballet portraits.

The photograph “Nutcracker Snowflakes” was taken during the dress rehearsal for the 2015 production. Daniel focused on the chaos backstage by cramming as many dancers into the frame as possible, and tried to get as close as possible without disrupting the dancers and the performance.  His relationship with the ballet was instrumental in the creation of this image because they wouldn’t usually allow a photographer to squeeze in between the corps like this during a live performance when they were about to dash onstage.


Both of these images are available framed and ready to add to your shopping cart. Delivery charges will be the same as if you were buying it unframed, so take advantage as I continue to launch the new system. Just click on the image above to get started!


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p.s. I’m carrying on the holiday tradition. My mom and I are taking my son to see the Nutcracker for his first time this year. I’ll post a pic on instagram to mark the occasion :)

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