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Kristin Sjaarda “September Harvest”, 2017
from the series The Kitchen Window (de keuken finster)
50×40″ | ed. 10 | $3250 | Framed| BUY
60×40″ | ed. 5 |  $4250 | Framed | BUY

Kristin Sjaarda “Moths and Dahlia”, 2017
from the series The Kitchen Window (de keuken finster)
50×40″ | ed. 10 | $3250 | Framed | BUY
60×40″ | ed. 5 |  $4250 | Framed | BUY

These new photographs bring this year of bountiful abundance to a celebratory close, and are a perfect way to say “happy birthday EYE BUY ART” as my business turns 8 this month! Eight years of bringing art to your inbox, to art fairs and pop-ups across North America, and in packages to your doorstep. I’ve now shipped to over 30 countries across the globe, and have experienced a tremendous evolution in what I do.

These photographs by artist Kristin Sjaarda are shot entirely with the natural light coming in her kitchen window, and incorporate objects that have been passed down to her from generations of Dutch women in her family. Kristin is a rising star in the world of contemporary, fine art photography. Her photographs are rich with narrative, transcending time with their distinct references to the Dutch Masters of the 17th Century, yet deeply rooted in contemporary life. They oscillate between the historical world of painting, and the contemporary story of the modern working woman; the transient nature of our place here on earth and their permanence in fine art form.

NOTE: Additional photographs from this series are available by special request. Please contact me for details.


Thank you to my friends far and wide, old and new, for being a part of this epic journey with me. I have exciting plans for 2018, see you there!

Emily McInnes


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