The Beaverbrook Art Gallery and raise funds and showcase talented young photographers’ affordable art

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The Canadian Souvenir Series, clockwise from top left: Becky Comber, Angus Rowe MacPherson, Marshall Byrd Sterling, Robyn McCallum, Mark Kasumovic, Eamon Mac Mahon.                                                                                                                                                      

Terry Graff
Deputy Director and Chief Curator, The Beaverbrook Art Gallery
(506) 458-2022 Email:

Emily McInnes
Founder and Director, EYE BUY ART
(416) 200-8774 Email:

The Beaverbrook, the Provincial Art Gallery of New Brunswick in Canada has pioneered a campaign with to showcase affordable limited editions of photographic art from their collection to support 20 emerging young artists at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.The gallery has just celebrated its 50th anniversary, and its curator and deputy director Terry Graff said “this is an opportunity to celebrate our exhibitions by connecting up-and-coming photographers with our guests, members, and supporters so they’ll have a chance to look at what’s happening in contemporary photography and support emerging artists”. “This is a major accomplishment for these artists” said Emily McInnes EYE BUY ART’s founder and director. “Ultimately their validation comes from being recognized by public institutions.”

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery gift shop is displaying six, limited edition photographs from the Canadian Souvenir series. The inspiration for this series, writes Emily McInnes, came from the souvenir section at the airport, and our fascination with how we market ourselves to tourists – because nothing says the ‘authentic Canadian experience’ like a stuffed beaver in a hockey jersey.”

BUY ONLINE: The Canadian Souvenir series, as well as other work by the 20 artists represented in the collection are also available through By buying through this link, a percentage of the purchase supports the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery was founded by Lord Beaverbrook on September 16, 1959. The Gallery is internationally known for its collection of Canadian, British, and international works of art.  The Beaverbrook Art Gallery enriches life through art.

EYE BUY ART is a carefully curated online art gallery that offers affordable art from an exciting new generation of emerging photographers from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

For more information, or to schedule an interview please call Darren McLeod, Manager of Marketing and Development, Beaverbrook Art Gallery Phone:  (506) 458-2038 Email: or Emily McInnes, Director, EYE BUY ART Phone: (416) 200-8774 Email:

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