The Life Force That Is Ellen Jantzen

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Ellen Jantzen “Cornucopia”, 2015
from the series Unity of Time and Place
14×11″ | $250 | Framed
20×16″ | $550 | Framed
32×24″ | $1750 | Framed
40×30″ | $3150 | Framed

Ellen Jantzen “To Time and Life”, 2015
from the series Unity of Time and Place
14×11″ | $250 | Framed
20×16″ | $550 | Framed
32×24″ | $1750 | Framed
40×30″ | $3150 | Framed

I feel particularly connected to these meditative and life-affirming photographs by the wonderful being that is Ellen Jantzen. Yesterday was my birthday, where I always have the pleasure of being greeted by heady blossoms and the abundance of new life. I also spent the afternoon celebrating the life of my friend Simon Ibell, a man who was born with a rare disease, and who fought the odds to survive almost a full four decades longer than anyone said he would.

These images are a reminder that something bigger is at play in our lives. They hover on the portal between body and spirit, with a calm knowingness. Santa Fe-based artist, Ellen Jantzen describes this work in her own words:

This series is a continuation of a body of work I was doing when my father suddenly died. I feel that my life has fundamentally changed, but sometimes seems the same. Where did my father go? What does a life mean after it leaves the body? Does the life-force rise and connect the terrestrial with the celestial, or does it evaporate into thin air? These are questions I contemplate as I create my work. Some say, all time exists at once; the indefinite, continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future are regarded as a whole. I am vastly interested in these states of reality. This cohesion is mesmerizing to me, and after spending the last several years immersed in the past, I am embracing the future. As I set out, the past is with me, transformed. All the losses are still there but there is a brightness forming that allows me to see the entirety, the unity of time and place.

Thank you Ellen, and thank you, Simon, for your unique gifts that make this world shine so bright. If you feel inclined, here is a link to iBellieve, the foundation that Simon founded, where you can make a donation.


Stumble: a pop-up featuring a collective of local designers, creators, and curated goods.
June 3 – 4th, 2017
9am to 6pm
250 Emerson Ave. (near Dupont and Lansdowne)
Toronto, ON

Are you itching for more of Le Pop? Last weekend was a huge success and I’m riding the wave into my new digs! Stumble is a collective pop-up featuring carefully sourced antiques, vintage Moroccan rugs, handcrafted Canadian furniture and ceramics, contemporary lighting and of course, fine art.

Stumble will feature special pieces from:

Atelier Nomade
Coolican and Company
Shelter Bay
Treehouse Soaps
Charlene McConnell
+ more

I hope you can join us!

Also, mark your calendar for the Affordable Art Fair New York, September 13 – 17th, 2017! I just got my official acceptance letter this afternoon. More to come.

Thank you for being here,

Emily McInnes

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