Why did you choose the name EYE BUY ART?

We think art is for everyone and we aim to make buying art easy, friendly, and affordable. Our name reflects our navigation – look, buy, and learn about art. We planned this site to be a tool for people to see art, to buy it, to experience and integrate it into their everyday lives. “I buy art” to us is a badge of honor, or matter of pride. We hope it is to you, as well.

How does it work?

We release a new photograph about every two weeks, on Tuesday mornings, in the Eastern Time Zone. Look through the images and learn about the artists by clicking on the icons on the left. Simply choose the image size and price you're interested in and add it to your shopping cart. Our automated shipping tool will calculate the total and PayPal will do the rest!


Our web programming elves have been hard at work to allow you to purchase multiple prints at one time. Our 8x10” and 11x14” prints can be grouped and shipped together to a maximum of 4 per package (a $5 packaging/handling fee will be applied to each additional print). If you want to purchase an 8x10" and an 11x14" print, and ship them together - no problem - we will package your prints in the largest sized envelope. This is a great option when you're considering buying the work as a diptych - to hang on the wall side by side, or one on top of the other. In almost all cases the work we have chosen for this site is intentionally paired, with 2 images that work together by the same artist to create maximum impact. Or - fill a wall with a grid of 4!

What is an edition?

Photographs, particularly in the digital age, can be printed over and over again. However, when an image is being sold as a fine art edition, it means there is a fixed number of times it is allowed to be printed. The edition size is set and is strictly adhered to by the artist and their dealer and/or publisher (i.e. master printer). Once the final image in an edition is sold, the edition is closed forever.

Read more at ART 101.

Why is buying emerging art so significant?

Buying work from an up-and-coming artist supports their career at a pivotal time – it’s an endorsement outside of their immediate community and contributes towards establishing a market for their work. Most significantly however, is that you’re getting in at an entry level - which can be an exciting prospect as you participate in their growth and watch them as their work continues to evolve and flourish.

After you make your purchase or find work you’re interested in, we will do our best to keep you up to date. Make sure to subscribe to the artist's RSS feed, or sign up to follow them on Twitter. For example, if the artist whose work you purchased just got accepted into a group show at the MOMA, or was recently published in The New Yorker, you’ll be the first to know.

What makes my EYE BUY ART photograph authentic?

Every print we sell comes with an edition card that includes the artist’s signature and the edition number you purchased i.e. 1/25, 2/25, 3/25, etc. This edition card is your Certificate of Authenticity. We strongly recommend that you adhere this card to the back of the photograph after it has been framed because this is what certifies your print, should you wish to have it evaluated down the road.

How can I see the work in person?

We will be exhibiting many of the photographs you see for sale on EYE BUY ART in person through our partner organizations – so make sure to join our mailing list to find out about them. We like the idea of being able to see artwork outside of traditional museum walls (see the bio of EYE BUY ART’s Founder to learn more about our philosophical approach)!

Why should I join the EYE BUY ART mailing list?

By joining the mailing list you will receive our newsletter - giving you first access to the photographs before they are released to the public. Editions can sell out within minutes, and our newsletter is the best way to be there first.

Does it cost anything to become a member of EYE BUY ART?


Can I buy a size I don't see listed on the site?

We can only accommodate specific size requests on our largest dimensions. Please send us a note with what you would like and we'll do our best to help you out.

I have a question about shipping, where can I find the answers I'm looking for?

On our dedicated shipping page.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be very happy with your experience at EYE BUY ART and will handle every return inquiry as a matter of priority. Inquiries about exchanges or refunds must be made within 14 days from the date your print was marked delivered. Please note, there are no refunds for gift certificate purchases. All inquiries should be sent to and your request will be looked after immediately.

Does the artist benefit from participating with EYE BUY ART?

Most definitely – this is the most important aspect of what we do. As with traditional galleries, the artist makes 50% from the sale of each print. Financial endorsement at this stage in an artist’s career can mean a great deal as it validates what they are doing and begins to establish a market value for their work. Our mission is promote the future of photography and to support the careers of emerging photographers from across the globe.

Learn more about the value of investing at ART 101.

How do you choose the artists?

Please also refer to our answer: How Can I submit my work?

Many of the photographers whose work you see on EYE BUY ART are chosen from Flash Forward, an annual competition that seeks out the best in emerging photography from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. The work that is submitted to the competition is reviewed and chosen by a jury of highly esteemed professionals in the fields of art + photography.

We also invite guest curators to participate by sharing their inside knowledge on photographers to watch out for, and make those photographs available for you to purchase.

How can I submit my work?

Applications to EYE BUY ART are by invitation only. We look at photographers who have won the annual Flash Forward Competition, or who have been recommended to us by our curatorial advisors. All photographers in Canada, the UK and the US who are 34 years of age or under may submit to Flash Forward. Submission requirements and instructions can be found here.

Who owns the copyright on these prints?

Copyright remains with the photographer at all times. Buyers may not reproduce purchased photographs without express permission from the original photographer. Purchasing the print conveys ownership of the actual print only.

Is it okay to share the images I see on EYE BUY ART with my friends?

By all means yes - we encourage it!  You are permitted to post images hosted on to outside websites. All we ask, out of respect to the artist, is that you provide a link from the related photo back to its page on Thank you!

What if my print has a flaw?

Please be sure to handle your prints very carefully and inspect them thoroughly as soon they arrive. Every print we release goes through a very rigorous process of quality control, however, on the rare occasion that you should notice a printing flaw we will look into it right away. If you notice something out of the ordinary please take a snapshot of the affected area and send it to us along with your concerns. Any editioned print that is found to be defective must be destroyed along with photographic proof and we will replace it as a matter of priority.

Is there a maximum on the number of prints I can buy of one image?

Yes. We want to give everyone an equal chance to buy these prints, therefore we restrict the amount that can be sold to one individual to a maximum of 4. We also do this to discourage re-sale of the work by a third party.

Will the prints I receive look exactly like they do online?

The colour calibration of your monitor, and circumstances in which the images are viewed, will vary considerably from one computer to the next. Therefore the printed image you receive may not be exactly as it appears on screen. Each photograph however, goes through a meticulous process of colour balancing and profiling to ensure fidelity between the images you see online and our final print.  For more information please refer to printing on our BUY page.

How are payments handled?

We accept all major credit cards through our payment gateway at PayPal. All credit card details are taken by PayPal and we have no access to your card number. To use PayPal you can sign up here. You can then use your PayPal account to buy from us, or any other website showing the PayPal logo in the future without having to re-enter you information. You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to buy from us, but if you don't you will simply need to enter your credit card information each time.

Why is the work sized in the dimensions you're offering?

We chose these dimensions to make life easier. We do not offer a framing service at this time, and these are standard dimensions that most conventional frames come in. We are in the process of researching a framing solutions partner, so please sign up for our newsletter and we will be sure to update you as soon as this service becomes available.

No Answer to Your Question?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.