The prints you receive are archival, chromogenic prints with a semi-matte finish. The Crystal Archive paper we use is by far the most stable, traditional silver halide colour paper available, with a longevity of 100+ years under normal light conditions. (Source: Wilhelm Imaging Research). Our printing method produces archival and colourfast prints that will last a lifetime when handled properly. However, it is important to note that the integrity and longevity of your print will be drastically altered according to factors such as humidity, heat and sunlight. Always avoid placing your image in direct sunlight, or touching the printed surface with your hands.

Laserjet or Lambda Printing

Lambda prints are produced using three coloured lasers (red, green and blue) exposing directly onto conventional photographic paper, which is then processed in the same manner as the traditional photographic print by developing it in “wet” chemistry. The process is similar to a darkroom effect, by exposing light-senstive paper and then processing it in chemicals. Lambda refers to the name of the machine these prints are produced on. The prints are often called Chromogenic, C-type or digital C-type.

Print sizes

The sizes we offer refer to the dimensions of the paper, not the actual image size. The image you receive will contain a minimum 1/4″ white border to allow for framing. We chose these standard sizes because they are the dimensions that most conventional frames come in, and because they most closely match the aspect ratio that many of our artists use. Some artists use different formats, such as square or panoramic,  and in these cases the image is printed on the paper that matches closest to our standard size. The exact size of for each print is quoted on the page that describes the work.

Colour Variation

The colour calibration of your computer monitor, and circumstances in which the images are viewed will vary considerably from one monitor to the next. Therefore the printed image you receive may not be exactly as it appears on screen depending on your LCD screen quality . Each photograph however, goes through a meticulous process of colour balancing and profiling to ensure fidelity between the images you see online and our final print.