Top Fuel Driver

  •   $550
    | 20"x20"
      Edition of 15
  •   $750
    | 20"x20" (Framed)
      Edition of 15
  •   $1,250
    | 30"x30"
      Edition of 10
  •   $1,950
    | 30"x30" (Framed)
      Edition of 10
  •   $2,250
    | 40"x40"
      Edition of 5
  •   $2,950
    | 40"x40" (Framed)
      Edition of 5
  •   $2,750
    | 50"x50"
      Edition of 3
  •   $3,450
    | 50"x50" (Framed)
      Edition of 3

The prints you receive are archival, chromogenic prints on a semi-matte paper with a longevity of 100+ years under normal light conditions.

The quoted dimensions refer to the paper size, and not the size of image contained within the paper. Each image is printed with a minimum 1/4" border to allow for framing, and ships with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Daniel Neuhaus
Top Fuel Driver, 2014
from the series Things That Make the Heart Beat Faster

For documentary photographer Daniel Neuhaus, the elements of endurance, sport and human achievement have become an obsession. Similar to his series based on elite ballet dancers, Daniel gained behind-the-scenes access into the rarefied world of drag racing. Shot on location using vintage film cameras, Daniel’s images become a window into the adrenaline-fueled sub-culture of this high octane sport, and the nostalgia of the 70’s street machine aesthetic.

In Daniel Neuhaus’s words, “these competitions are like a time capsule. Cars aren’t made like this anymore: They’re solid. Brightly coloured and loud. There’s a lack of pretense about them; they are iconic and have a reference point that transcends age and class. This is a personal project for me, that suits my documentary style. These pictures are un-staged and exist in reality. This isn’t just about the sport of going fast, these cars have a specific aesthetic. They are like art pieces.’

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