Fjord of Wool

Eszter is a winner of the 2010 Flash Forward Competition!

  •   $100
    | 11"x14"
      Edition of 150
  •   $250
    | 16"x20"
      Edition of 50
  •   $500
    | 20"x24"
      Edition of 25
  •   $1,000
    | 30"x40"
      Edition of 5

The prints you receive are archival, chromogenic prints on a semi-matte paper with a longevity of 100+ years under normal light conditions.

The quoted dimensions refer to the paper size, and not the size of image contained within the paper. Each image is printed with a minimum 1/4" border to allow for framing, and ships with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Eszter Burghardt
Fjord of Wool, 2010
from the series Wooly Sagas

This image is a photograph of a miniature diorama that I made entirely out of wool. Fjord of Wool was inspired by the ominous cliffs, the deep cold sea, and the endless supply of sheep I encountered in the Western Fjords of Iceland. After visiting Iceland, I became very anxious to use wool to somehow reconstruct the landscape. I learned how to work with raw wool. I cleaned it, dyed it, felted it and learned how to knit. This messy, but very rewarding process, strengthened my bond to the wool, and I became more aware of its nature. I used wool from an Icelandic sheep farm and old salvaged wool sweaters that I cut up, felted and dyed with Kool-Aid to make the dioramas. I create these images without using any computer based added effects, and shot the photographs in as much natural light as possible. By using the wool in the way, I was able to relive the Icelandic landscape with my fingertips and camera lens.

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