No more last minute hysterics at the mall, no more wedding gift toasters and no shipping deadlines. EYE BUY ART gift certificates are available in any price denomination you choose, and can be printed and customized or sent to the recipient instantly via email. It’s easy – just fill in the details below.


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    We will send you, or your recipient, an email with a special code. If you’d prefer to use the EYE BUY ART gift certificate template, you can download it by clicking on the link below (make sure to scroll down so you can see the image). Fold it in half like a greeting card or cut it to size. We recommend printing it on card stock. Use the redemption code that you get from us and fill in the appropriate field.

    Click here to download our Gift Certificate template (PDF).

    Helpful info

    1. Gift certificate amounts don’t automatically include shipping. Please take note of this and refer to our pricing guidelines below for shipping rates should you wish to include them. All prices are quoted in USD:

    2. If you don’t see an email from us with your gift certificate information within 20 minutes of your purchase, please check your spam folder.

    How to redeem your Gift Certificate

    1. Look for art using our search (EYE) icon on the left.

    2. Add your favourite image to your shopping cart and enter the redemption code where prompted.

    If you have a balance remaining it can be used toward future purchases.
    For further information please refer to our Gift Certificate Terms + Conditions.
    For help with any of the above please send an email to or