Heidi Conrod – "Wildflowers" Collection

We recently offered a private sale of new work by Canadian artist Heidi Conrod. The collection was offered exclusively to our subscribers only, in a small edition of 15 each. We have a very limited number of prints left, and artworks are now available only on a first come first serve basis.

For enquiries please click here: info@eyebuyart.com.

Each work is printed on the finest quality archival paper available on the market, and is set into a 18" x 22" custom milled, solid maple wood frame.

This body of work is special. In addition to the timeliness I mentioned in one of my videos, they are a perfect metaphor of resilience and what we are going through as a human race. Wildflowers thrive in the harshest of conditions, they are noble, strong and free, they live in harmony with the natural world and have provided inspiration to artists, musicians and writers throughout time. These are the qualities I want to fill my world with – how about you?