Lizzie is a 2010 Flash Forward competition winner!

  •   $100
    | 11"x14"
      Edition of 150
  •   $250
    | 16"x20"
      Edition of 50
  •   $500
    | 20"x24"
      Edition of 25
  •   $1,500
    | 30"x40"
      Edition of 5

The prints you receive are archival, chromogenic prints on a semi-matte paper with a longevity of 100+ years under normal light conditions.

The quoted dimensions refer to the paper size, and not the size of image contained within the paper. Each image is printed with a minimum 1/4" border to allow for framing, and ships with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Lizzie Vickery
Mischa, 2009
from the series Minor Occurrences

This miniature diorama was constructed using dollhouse furniture, miniature collectibles from Japan, printed wallpaper and fabric carpeting. The scene tells the story of an imagined character named Mischa after a scuffle at her dressing table. The vanity is laden with perfume bottles, foundation, false eyelashes and a Marlboro cigarette burning in the ashtray. The viewer is asked to put together the elements in the scene and come up with their own conclusions as to what actually happened to Mischa and why she left so quickly without her bankroll.

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