Untitled #4

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The prints you receive are archival, chromogenic prints on a semi-matte paper with a longevity of 100+ years under normal light conditions.

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Tom Hull
Untitled #4, 2008
from the series Sprung

Come quickly, and vindicate us.
against too much death.
Come quickly, and stir the rotten globe of the world from within,
burst it with germination, with world anew.
Come now, to us, your adherents, who cannot flower from the ice.
All the world gleams with the lilies of death the Unconquerable,
but come, give us our turn.
Enough of the virgins and lilies, of passionate, suffocating perfume of corruption,
no more narcissus perfume, lily harlots, the blades of sensation
piercing the flesh to blossom of death.
Have done, have done with this shuddering, delicious business

of thrilling ruin in the flesh, of pungent passion, of rare, death-edged ecstasy.

— excerpt from a poem by D.H. Lawrence entitled Craving for Spring

This image was made as part of a project I undertook during a fleeting moment between the seasons in the UK. As another hard winter finally begins to creep away, the first shoots begin to appear, moods lighten and the days start to lengthen. I have always been fascinated by the effect that seasons have on our psyches and approaches to life. One aspect of the yearly shift in moods is, for me, held in suspension by a moment before the spring really has a chance to flourish.

When the trees develop their blossoms, it ignites something in all of us that allows us to lift the veil of winter and to look toward the coming, warmer seasons with great vivacity. The project was made between London, where I now live and Brighton, where I grew up. It holds a resonance for me with regards to London being the place for new beginnings and the start of a life dedicated to photography.

In shooting this project, I was always very aware that I didn’t want to over beautify a subject that already has an intrinsic natural beauty. Many of the locations I sourced were on housing estates and in the poorer parts of the two cities. I want to offer the viewer a chance to build their own stories around each location, and how the blossoms relate to that situation.

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