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Kristin Sjaarda “Oranges and Roses”
from the series The Kitchen Window (de keuken finster)
34×24″ | $1350 | FRAMED
44×31.5″ | $2150 | FRAMED
52×37″ | $2850 | FRAMED

Kristin Sjaarda “Red Roses and Pomegranates 2”
from the series The Kitchen Window (de keuken finster)
34×24″ | $1350 | FRAMED
44×31.5″ | $2150 | FRAMED
52×37″ | $2850 | FRAMED

Please note: each of these sizes is in an edition of only 10 each.

I’m floating these tremendous photographs into your inbox as an antidote to the metaphoric cloud cover of recent times. These photographs by Canadian artist Kristin Sjaarda are celebrations of beauty in their most pure, raw, luscious and powerful form. Like light-filled medicine that will restore our celestial bodies back to their rightful place.

“…I always use the same window light in my kitchen, so necessarily, domestic life is mixed up in my artistic endeavors. I used the items from generations of Dutch women in my family in the arrangements, as they may have, and I use the produce and flowers that I grew in my backyard garden. In this way, my art and life are seamless and integrated. Vermeer was an innkeeper and the father of 10 children and painted his masterpieces in one room within his own house. Just as the Dutch masters worked with the domestic view that was all around them, I have taken as my subject the life that is right in front of me.”

Great art tells a good story. It cracks the surface and speaks to the wonderfully unique ability of photography to be so many things at once.  These photographs are a contemporary tale about the practicalities of women who have careers, they are about power and beauty, masculine and feminine, allegory and authenticity. They are reverent towards Flemish still life painting from the 17th century, and are deeply personal meditations that make me think of Alice Monro’s books in a visual form.

This is the kind of beauty I want to live with.

Installation view


Both of these photographs are available specially framed, and ready to deliver at the click of a button. I’ve worked with my master framer to float these gorgeous prints in an archival, high quality sturdy white wood frame. Delivery charges are the same as if you were buying just the print. Special note to my Canadian collectors – please reach out to me at emily@eyebuyart.com for free shipping. I know the US dollar is high so let me make it easier.


SNAP! 2017

I’m proud to be contributing to the SNAP! 2017 auction along with artist Julia Callon. SNAP! is a fundraising initiative for the AIDS Committee of Toronto, a leading HIV service organization, supporting more than 20,000 people living with HIV in Toronto. The annual gala is taking place on March 30th and tickets to the event can be found here. It’s a great way to give to an important cause, and build your art collection at the same time – the work they auction off is always unbelievable.


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Sending beauty to your soul,


Emily McInnes

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