Tom Fabia
Tom Fabia

Tom Fabia is a french artist living in the south of France. His parents are both artists and he chose to follow their lead. Tom’s focus as a photographer is mainly with landscapes. He uses these stunning environments to carry the viewer away on a journey far from reality.

Q+A with the Artist

Q: What inspires you to create your work?
A: This depends largely on my state of mind at the time… I rarely work knowing what to do in advance, which is why sometime the work changes radically while I’m working on it! More than anything, I let myself be carried away.

Q: What is your background?
A:  I had a classic education–primary, middle and high school. Then I drifted between civic service and work that I didn’t enjoy. I have no formal artistic training. However, both my parents are artists, which I’m sure played a role in my direction towards art (which I had always had floating around in my head). Deciding to go for it (and eating a lot of plain salted pasta in the beginning) wasn’t easy but I’ve never regretted it!

Q: What work do you most enjoy doing? And what is your dream project?
A: I love so many facets of my job! I enjoy having a blank page in front of me for hours and feeling the idea come suddenly, as if it were obvious, but I also like commission-based work with clients wherein I have a specific area to work in; to create something that makes them feel something.
I don’t really have a “dream” project as a definite goal, though at the moment I would love to work with musical artists (who inspire me enormously in my work).

Q: Why art? Why does it matter to you?
A: I think people find an outlet to relieve some of the burdens of life, some people write, sing, play sports, whatever. I sit in front of my computer to put all of this on my screen. So, it may be my outlet–a place where no one else has power or control–a place of freedom.