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Beyond Sight is a series of prints that combine the traditional mediums of photography and paint with generative AI.  The resulting illusory landscapes reflect the sensual satisfaction of immersing ourselves in nature while contemplating the role of technology and the precarious future of our natural environment. 

The creative process begins with source imagery taken in Gatineau Park and the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, an area that has been a spiritual refuge since I was a child. Photographs, and watercolour drawings done on location are combined through collage and various digital manipulations. 

I have used AI-assisted simulations of my drawings and photos to add further abstraction to the imagery, prompting the computer algorithms to simulate extended growth seasons, hybrid plant forms and altered growth patterns to create a series of adaptations and alternative plant forms.

The final digital images are intended to function as mysterious landscapes, nostalgic for human-nature connection, and hopeful odes to the future where technology may reconnect in positive ways with the natural environment and where nature can thrive in its wonder.


Each print is made to order. The prints we sell are archival, photographic limited edition prints on a semi-matte paper with a longevity of 100+ years under normal light conditions.


Canadian orders are framed in Toronto, American orders are framed in California (no duties!). All frames come with D-rings for installation and our free downloadable installation guide.


You will receive a shipping confirmation as soon as our shipping partner picks up your work. Our lead time is 2-3 weeks before it begins its journey to you.


Each print ships with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist, which serves as proof your artwork is a bonafide member of its limited edition. You should keep this in a safe place.

Artist Support

Every sale means commission is paid to the artist. When you purchase a work, you are directly supporting their artistic career.