If you’re like me you’ve been spending a lot of time scrutinizing your home lately. My inner Marie Kondo is kicking stuff out the door and the energy in my space has blossomed like a shot of green unfurling itself towards Spring.

Now is the perfect time to infuse joy into your home with art.

This is a before and after of the same room after furniture was moved around and artwork was installed. Painting by Emma Carney. Images courtesy of Emily McInnes & Tricon House.

When it comes to art we usually hear about it in the loftier context of art history, through a museum exhibition or because it broke a world record at Christie’s. But how is this meaningful to you, and how does this apply to your everyday life and the space you live in?

One thing I know to be true: art is a language that very much represents who you are and the things you care about. It’s an expression of your values and your beliefs about the world. There are as many variances and nuances in this unwritten language as there are artists and artworks, and this is why having the piece that best represents you and your uniqueness is what gives colour, shape and context to your environment.

Another thing I know to be true: we are all creative. Being stuck indoors with a bit (or a lot) of extra time is an opportunity to unleash this side of ourselves and to see our environment in a new light. Here are three simple steps to help start you on your journey:

Find your Location:

  1. Start with the room you’re spending the most time in; your living room, your kitchen, or perhaps a newly minted home office. Is there a part of this room that you’d like to change?

Explore new horizons:

  1. Give some thought to what you most love to do. What brings you joy? Is it nature? Gardening? Sports? Architecture, music, travel or food? Where do you tend to spend your free time and what sites have you been on lately? Think about it and write it all down.

Find your Passion

  1. From here, you’ll develop a feeling for what you’re looking for. Great art is so accessible, and one of the things that makes it great is by making it an expression of you. The art on your walls should feel meaningful, it should infuse your space with joy and bring the things you love to experience into your everyday.

You’ll be amazed at how art can transform your space – and your mood. Art is that powerful. 

Artwork by and image courtesy of Samuel Choisy. Available for purchase here.

Share your story with us!
Do you have a room in your house that you’ve been struggling with? What challenges you most when you’re re-thinking a space?

April 26, 2020 — Rose Ekins

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