Echoes 11.2 (Open Edition)

by Samuel Choisy
$225.00 CAD

Each artwork is custom framed in a wood frame with D-rings for installation. Framing is completed in Toronto, Canada.
Samuel Choisy (b. 1974, France) is a photo-based visual artist. His work explores the notion of mental territory through different projects and formal approaches. His time-based creative process presents visual recordings of choreographed or improvised situations occurring only for the camera. His latest photographs combine dance, performance and light works. Choisy received a DNAP from l’École de l’Image d’Angoulême (1999) and a DNSEP from l’École des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (2001), France. He is also the recipient of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship (2015). His work has been showcased in France and many European countries, as well as in the U.S. and Canada. He currently lives and works in Toronto.

Echoes is an ongoing photographic series beginning in 2018. The process for this series involves creating minimalist color paper shapes, which the artist photographs while air currents slowly dance them around the artist and his camera, hand-held and set on long exposures. Like echoes of sonar fathoming the depth of an unknown yet somewhat familiar environment, the landscape-inspired forms created in these images with their different scale ratios, relay ideas of vastness, plains, cliffs, and summits.