Bromeliad Rosette No. 1 (Open Edition)

by Claire Browne
$225.00 CAD

Each artwork is custom framed in a wood frame with D-rings for installation. Framing is completed in Toronto, Canada.
Claire Browne is an artist living and working in Toronto. Graduated from OCAD University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Browne has exhibited extensively in group shows in the Greater Toronto Area. Her work has been acquired as part of Scotiabank’s private art collection. She has created outdoor painted community artwork and murals supported by StreetARToronto. She has been invited to participate as a speaker for The Powerplant artist talk series Glimpsing the Future. Her artwork features a focus on the botanical world, tropical spaces and the Black diaspora.

Claire Browne’s art practice focuses on the themes of self-identity and heritage. She is particularly interested in landscape and the deep connection that people have between land and self-identity. Her own family’s stories consist of travel, displacement and adapting to new lands and cultural spaces. Through painting the Caribbean island St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where her paternal family originates, Claire attempts to navigate the cultural spaces and stories of her childhood allowing for new narratives to appear.

Her interest in the botanical world is a recurring theme, particularly the colonial nature of uprooting and transforming the meaning and structure of plants, which is a lasting legacy of colonial racism with lasting effects seen to this day. The delicate nature of the botanical world is viewed with care and wonder as these structures are appreciated for their beauty and historical legacy.