Just Don't Overthink It No. 12 (Open Edition)

by Jeremy Gesualdo
$375.00 CAD

Each artwork is custom framed in a wood frame with D-rings for installation. Framing is completed in Toronto, Canada.

Jeremy Gesualdo is a multi-media artist working and living in Toronto, Canada. Starting his career as a fine art photographer, many of Jeremy’s early pieces used appropriated images that he threw into abstraction, using a multitude of materials and techniques like collage and embroidery. This fascination with abstract art led to Jeremy’s latest endeavours in abstract expressionist, multi-media paintings. Using motion and the juxtaposition of shape, colour and texture, a story reveals itself on the canvas. Graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in Fine Art, Jeremy has sold and exhibited work nationally and internationally across the US and Europe. His work has been published in several art publications and has work in the permanent collection of The Beaverbrook Provincial Art Gallery of New Brunswick.

Jeremy’s work is a visual conversation, drawing from thoughts, memories and experiences, that unfolds into unique perspectives. Through motion and juxtaposition of shape, colour and texture, a story is revealed. A deep navy blue could symbolize a woeful moment; bright droplets of yellow, an explosion of friendly laughter; A quick, rough mark could be a moment of tired frustration. His work comes from that visceral feeling, a visual language that shows vulnerability and emotion.