Untitled 29 (Open Edition)

by Jose Palacios
$225.00 CAD

Each artwork is custom framed in a wood frame with D-rings for installation. Framing is completed in Toronto, Canada.

Jose Palacios is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Ottawa. Born in Lima, Peru, Palacios has been an Ottawa resident since 1987. As a visual artist, Palacios produces visually stimulating abstract digital pieces and paintings with gouache and acrylic on canvas and paper. His work has been shown at the Galerie Annexe (Ottawa Art Gallery), and acquired by the City Of Ottawa. Palacios was awarded a Canada Council for the Arts artist grant in 2021.

“Over the last four years, I have developed an all-consuming digital art practice. I have created over 2,000 vector-based artworks. I think of them as cloud-based digital ideas, and I share them freely on social media. I’ve also explored printing them in various sizes on archival paper and sharing them in more traditional exhibition spaces. The work has flown out of me, and I’m continually surprised by how it evolves and builds on itself.”